Friday, September 3, 2010

My VOICES #4: Trance Vocals (Labor Day Weekend / End of Summer 2010) Mix

Featuring the photography and artwork of Elvert Barnes, click the cd cover (at left) to preview the August 2010 VOICES #4 Trance Vocals (Labor Day Weekend / End of Summer) mix which as part of my ongoing trance vocals series includes the following tracklist:

1. Niji (Paul Van Dyks Pot Of Gold Remix) - Denki Groove
2. Cry For You (Spencer & Hill Remix) - September
3. When (K Klass Mix) - Sunscreem
4. Nana (Original Mix) - Mike Shiver & Matias Lehtola
5. I Finally Found ft Simon Binkenborn (Uplifting Mix) - DJ Shog & Simon Binkenborn
6. Across The Sky (Original Mix) - Steven Force
7. Voices (Original) - Fred Baker
8. Ave Maria (Electric Church Mix) - Weimar & Saphire
9. Universal Universe (Original Mix) - Ilya Soloviev
10. Be Free (Original Mix) - El Dorado

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