Saturday, October 16, 2010

My October 2010 JOURNEY TO THE MOON Trance (Halloween & 30th Anniversary of THE SAINT) Mix

Featuring the photography and artwork of Elvert Barnes click the cd cover (at left) to listen to and/or download my October 2010 JOURNEY TO THE MOON Halloween trance mix which in celebration of the 30th anniversary of THE SAINT and the 24 October 2010 TRIPPIN' ON THE MOON V event includes the following tracklist:

1. The Non-Christian Moon (Original Mix) - DJ Melloffon
2. Falling Moon (Alan Wyse Remix) - Stu-Con
3. Flying To The Moon (Extended Mix) - Blank & Jones
4. To The Moon ft Matt Shapiro (Stadium Mix) - Tone Depth
5. Third Step Man On The Moon (MxP Project Remix Extended) - DJ Wag
6. Blue Moon (Original Mix) - Luke Terry & Sean Truby pres. Northern Assault
7. 2nd Moon (Familie Feuer Remix) - Thomas Kelle & Martin Juha
8. Journey To The Moon (Extended Mix) - Dave Chimny
9. Farewell To The Moon (En Motion Remix) - York
10. Drops On The Moon (Jonas Hornblad Remix) - Dmitri Federov
11. Moonlight Sonata (Original Mix) - Tomena

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