Friday, December 23, 2011

My SALVATION Uplifting Trance (End of 2011) Mix

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Featuring the photography and artwork of Elvert Barnes click the above cd cover to listen to and or down my December 2011 SALVATION uplifting trance mix which in celebration of the end of the year features the following tracklist of trance favorites that I've purchased during 2011:

1.  Never Give Up (Pedro Del Mar Remix) - Daniel Loubscher
2.  Salvation (Original Mix) - Ronny K. pres. Advanced
3.  Lift (Pete Silver Remix) - James Minas
4.  Rise (John Waver Short Edit) - Erik Hakansson
5.  Everlasting (Emotional Mix) - Andy Blueman
6.  Above The Clouds (SoundLift Remix) - DK Project
7.  Time To Rest (Extended Mix) - Andy Blueman
8.  Awake (Original Mix) - Cymatics
9.  Florescence (Intro Mix) - Andy Blueman

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